As a singer, one of the the most dangerous part of the body you mustn’t play around is the throat. Because that’s where your larynx is located. Yet most singers don’t know and they turn to scratch and scratch it even the more when itching.

Itchy throat can be caused by:

Skin disease for instance skin rashes and skin dryness. You must use the best skin product that suits your skin to prevent this. Another way is to stop skin bleaching. Long-term skin bleaching damages the layers of the skin which can cause ITCHY THROAT.

*Dehydration of the throat can cause ITCHY THROAT. Make sure you drink enough water as much as you can at least 2 litres a day. There’s nothing like too much water in the body.

When you have ITCHY THROAT drink more the 2 litres of water a day for 2 days. You can add a litle bit of citrus juice or honey to the water. Then check the skin products you use from soap to cream etc. If symptoms persist after 2 days, see your doctor then.







Cold or flu is one of the respiratory ailment. It causes the consistency and amount of sinus drainage/post nasal drip to change. Thus your vocal fords are in a different liquid environment from the normal.
So your vocal fords wouldn’t function as normal. If a virus or bacteria blocks your sinus drainage, it will coat the vocal fords and may be infect them.
You must avoid singing when you are sick. But when you must, then make use of these four points:
*Transform the sickness in your voice like the way actors do change their voices depending on the role they are playing.
*Sing softly as much as possible. Prevent unneccessary shouting and movements.
*Let water be your friend in such a situation. Drink water after each break. Be careful not to get choked by drinking it too fast.
*IF POSSIBLE change all singing keys. It’s not a crime to change the keys of the songs you’re going to sing when you know that you won’t be able to sing gperfect in the original key. Don’t be under pressure to impress anybody not even your host. Sometimes it isn’t easy but be firm to change the key. For it is better to sing in a comfortable key and sound sweet than to be pressured and sound wired.
*Reduce the time of singing. Speak with your host and make your performance as short as possible even if and if you will loose money. Think about your HEALTH and CREDIBILITY.
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Throat dryness is one of the things that can damage your vocal cords and it’s mostly caused by what we take in.

Any food which contains CAFFEINE is harmful to your vocal fords and as I much as I’m concern , every singer should avoid them for their own sake.

You can experiment it on yourself for just one week and check out your results. Drink coffee or any other food or drink with CAFFEINE a week before a performance and evaluate your singer after.

Drink water in the stead of CAFFEINE. Let water be your friend because water is LIFE.

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My name is GINA DOE


Sound is produced by the closure of the vocal fords (cords) when air passes through. This applies to both singing and speech. This is PHONATION.

So why this definition? Most singers don’t realised that the vocal fords (cords) are part of the human body and for that matter when their body is tired, they wouldn’t be able to sing.

If you loose your voice frequently, then, it could be one of these:

*You’re tired/stressed

*You’re sick knowingly/unknowingly

*You aren’t eating the right food.

If you you fall into the first, take days off work and REST. If the second, see your doctor and if the third, see a Voice Anatomist.



Interestingly, I went to this conference for vocal coaches. I met this Lady from Ghent a city here in Belgium. Because I always try to connect with people I meet, I spoke to this Lady. But she tried to intimidate me with all the certificates she has. All the Masters Degree she has attained in vocal studies has the only thing she would talk about. I just kept my silent and enjoyed her talk.

After the first section, a question was thrown to us the audience who could do a particular breathing exercise. I mentioned this lady’s name since she is having all the certificates in the world. Guess what. She screamed and said “GINA DOE, how could you do this to me? I can teach people to do it. But doing it myself has always been a challenge. Theory and Practical are never the same. Even some of my lecturers couldn’t sing at all yet they give vocal lessons. Please let someone else do.”

I wonder whom she was trying to impress with all the big talks. 100% of what i teach as a Voice Anatomist are things I have learned through experience. Anything I learned at school has to be tested on myself. If it doesn’t work as I was taught, I’d never teach it. People with credibility like myself alone should be trusted.

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So, I sat down silently and begun to think and ask questions. WHY DON’T SOME SINGERS TRAIN THEIR VOICE DAILY JUST IKE HOW THE MUSICIANS DO? The most amazing part of it all is that, they get angry when a musician couldn’t play like they expected. Mean they have trained their voice for the part 1 year. Don’t think your voice can perform magic and start producing nice sound. If you keep on not training it, with time you’ll see the changes.


Why do some singers misuse their voice by means of getting themselves tootired? I wonder if most of them know that the instrument of every singer is the voice. For that matter if their body is tired so is their voice.