Georgina Doe is commonly known as Gina Doe. She is a wife, a mother, a worship leader, a gospel singer and an enterpreneur. She’s the president of the GIDOE’S  WORLD. The GIDOE’S WORLD is a group of companies which consist of The Voice Anatomy (a renowned vocal school in Antwerp) and The Gidoe’s Consultancy.

She is known for her powerful strong voice. Some call her Cece Winans. Others call her Tasha Cobbs and the rest call her Whitney Houston. She’s very known in the gospel industry and vocal training in Antwerp, Belgium and for that matter Europe.

She has students from all over the world who are getting training with their vocals or breathe. She gives lessons via internet or personal contact. She organises workshops and training for singers from time to time.

As a Worship Leader, she sings in the church every Sunday. Yet you can’t talk about weddings and festivities without mentioning her name. Her voice is always heard on such occasions in and around Belgium.