Have you ever wondered why your Music Director is always on you? Could it be that he/she doesn’t like you? Are you really singing right yet everyone says you’re wrong and you don’t seem to get it? What is really the problem? If these are your questions, then you need to pay attention to these theory or book an appointment for lessons. My name is Gina Doe and welcome to my website +32483407371.

There’s something I always say to my students and that’s “IF YOU CAN’T HEAR, YOU CAN’T SING; IF YOU COULD HEAR, YOU WOULD SING”. Any singer who isn’t able to hear that he/she is off the note or the key, finds it difficult to accept that they’re off. It’s not their fault. They just don’t know because they can’t hear for themselves.

singing good involves a lot of things people basically neglect and one of those things is hearing technique. A lot of people take that for granted and concentrate only on their vocal technique and leave the other technigue behind. But when you do that it’s like running with your whole body and forgetting to go with your head. You’ll come back for it. I call it the fundational technique. That’s where it all starts from. Before you start even singing you must have what I call “MUSIC EARS”. Without that your singing carrier will suffer.

Some singers start a song in F# and end in D. Sometimes it could happen that there’s no monitor for you to hear yourself. When you sing off in this situation, then it’s not your fault. But I’m talking about those who won’t be able to sing the notes even when all things are been equal and they ain’t aware or know that they’re off.

Some people know  very well that they’re off but they don’t know how to correct themselves. Those in this category are better than those who don’t even know that they’re off. Why? Because those who are able to hear that they’re wrong but don’t know how to go about it, easily accept corrections. But it’s the other way round for those who don’t hear and for that matter don’t know they’re off.


  • Accept that you need help.
  • Ask the people who are saying that you’re off why they think that.
  • Take up singing lessons and point it out to the teacher what your problem is.
  • Practise and exercise what you’ve been taught.
  • Contact us for your lessons.



*Always sleep with your head lift up.
*Inhaling of steam by covering your head with a tick towel.
*Prevent dryness at home by using humidifiers especially when you’re living in a dusty environment
*Smoke and smoking should be avoided.
*Medically proven herbs helps in the breakage of mucus
*Drink a lot of water because water is life.


Phlegm or throat mucus is one of the dangerous things that can destroyed  the voice yet looks insignificant. I decided to talk about it becuase I have recieved so many questions about it this week. As a singer or speaker, you need to be getting it out of your system by daily exercise. My name is GINA DOE and you can call me the VOICE ANATOMIST. On Facebook, YouTube, Google, Quora, Pinterest and Instagram it’s GINA DOE. On Twitter it’s GIDOE’S WORLD and on Snapchat it’s VOICEANATOMY.

Our bodies produce up to 1.5 litre a day whether you are sick or healthy. The mucus clog in our throat when we are sick and that make a lot of people think that our bodies produce mucus only when we are sick.


*Allergies and sore throat can cause thick throat mucus.

*Post-nasal drip can cause mucus to drop from the back of our nose down the throat which will cause the throat mucus to thickens over time.

*Croup is a viral infection which causes the voice box and the windpipe to widen up. As a matter of fact, all kinds of infections for example LARYNGITIS, PHARYNGITIS, PNEUMONIA, SINUSITIS?TUBERCULOSIS, TONSILITIS, EPIGLOTITIS to mention but a few cause throat mucus to thickens.

*Pregnancy is one of the main causes of throat mucus. Why? Because pregnancy causes the blood flow in your mucous membranes to increase. In response to the additonal blood volume, the lining of your sinuses and nasal passageways tends to sxell, sometimes restricting your airflow. Have you ever wondered why the noses of most pregnant women swollen? Very practical!

SYMPTOMS OF THROAT MUCUS: throat congestion, coughing out mucus, phlegm and shortness of breath.

*Some foods can cause throat mucus to thicken. For instance:

*Caffeine especially the variety found in soda.


*Foods with gluten. Avoid such foods especially when you are allergic to them.

*The eating of too much banana. I remember as a kid I was told banana makes you sing good. So I used to eat that too much. But as I was growing I started noticing of accumulated throat mucus which was making my singing gets bad. Then I went to my doctor and he told me that I eat too much banana. So I wasn’t shocked when I was told at school that too much banana makes throat mucus thickens.

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Losing your voice is a symptom and not a condition itself, says Paul Bryson, MD, Laryngology Section Head and Director of the Voice Center at Clevelend Clinic.

Before I studied Voice Physiology, I knew this fact. Why? because losing my voice is always a warning to me that I’m not healthy. I remember sharing in one of my blogs how I discovered that I had developed stomach ulcer years ago. It was through losing my voice on a regular basis which was unusual of me.

Some singers think that losing voice is a condition and this makes them believe that that is who and how they are. This is never true. Nobody is or was born with a losing voice condition. Losing your voice should rather be a signal to you that something is wrong with you. I woke up last week and realised I couldn’t talk. My voice was gone. I rushed to my doctor for a check only to discover that I had an infection which I’m still recovering from. I’m following my doctor’s advice and praying to recover fully after some days.

When a child is born the medical assitants expect the baby to cry with a clear voice. When they hear something else, they suspect that something isn’t right with the baby. They examine the baby and treat the baby after diagnosing. This is the best way to explain to you that losing your voice isn’t a condition.


*ENOUGH REST: your biggest weapon to fight losing voice is by sleeping more than enough. Every part of your body is tired too when you are tired including your vocal cords.

*KEEP SILENT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: try your very best not to talk at all especially when you have a concert. Keep yourself away from noisy area because it might cause you to be shouting.

*CANCEL EVERY PERFORMANCE: it’s better not to sing at all and recover than to try to sing to please people and end up destroying your music career and your vocal cords forever. I did cancelled a big concert in Brussels with Joe Mettle last week when I felt sick.

*DRINK WATER: keeping our bodies hydrated is more than necessary to our health which includes our vocal cords.




So as I said the last time preparation before a singing performance entails a lot. I would want to continue. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Google, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram (GINA DOE). On SnapChat is VOICEANATOMY.

We gonna discuss the next two point which are very crucial. These are:

*PREPARING ARTISTICALLY: Becuase some singers would want to please the organiser or the crowd, they are pressurised to choose songs above their range. They are forced by themselves to choose difficult songs. Some even choose a new song that they don’t even know the lyrics or aren’t familiar with it. For it is better to choose a very simply but nice songs which you are familair with the lyrics and would be able to deliver even more than your best than to choose complicated songs and embarrass yourself. Never think that there’s an easy song. Learn it when it’s new. If it’s an old song, listen over and over again as if it’s a new song. Rehearse with your band to be sure you have it in your head.

*TECHNICAL PREPARATION: This is the stage most singers take lightly and end them up in a big mess. Since you are not singing acappella, you must make sure the instruments are good. In the part one, I recommended having a manager. Because he would do this part for you. Good intruments including the microphones are very much important as they can spoil your well-planned concert. The stage must be of a good quality because accident is bound to happen when an anyhow stage is been used. Good lighting really lightings the performance. So it should be considered.

Don’t forget to wake your voice an hour before singing with voice warm-ups and to drink something warm (caffeine-free) right before climbing the stage.

My name is GINA DOE!


What the BIG STARS do that we don’t is what we call preparation. Whether it’s a big or small concert, time has to be putted into it. The professionals know that it’s their job to deliver since that is what gives them money. Most singer do singing as a part-job. This makes them not putting in much effort which is more than wrong. Never take any singing performance for granted. Because you don’t know what would come out of it.

Here are a few tips to help you through your preparation.:


Be concious of all the activities you do at least a week before the concert. Anything that drains you of energy shouldn’t be encouraged. Make sure you eat enough to give you energy. DON’T OVER EAT TOO as it will cause your vocal folds to be lazy. Drink more water and soup. Sleep enough at least 8 hours a day especially in the night. Alloow your body to be massaged by professionals. Being in warm bath can also help.


Here is where a good manager comes in. When there’s a poor organisation from your rehearsals to your trip to the location to your accomodation, you’ll be stressed out which will affect your performance seriously. When you don’t have a manager, delicate some of your duties to a friend or family. My brother Prince Robert Doe has being doing a lot of things for me and it’s for free. Never try to do everything alone. You will get crushed.

My name is GINA DOE.

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So this is a continuation of the last section about EFFECTS OF GASTRIC REFLUX ON THE VOICE. I made I decision to study vocal and do much more research into it even though it’s very expensive.

The consequences of GASTRIC REFLUX on my voice was terrible. I even lost strength to stand on my feet to even sing. I could hardly open my mouth to talk not to talk of singing. I suffered worse even in the night. The heart burns was more than worse in the night. The pain and the tears was increasing.

After been able to enrol in a vocal school and started the study of the PHYSIOLOGY OF THE VOICE, I realised that health plays a major role in our voices. The state of your health determines the state of your voice. Believe or not but that’s the truth.

Take in Citrus juice such as orange juice are very good for Vitamin C. But I always ask my students to dilute with water. Everything is good. But the abuse of it is harmful. Even honey is very good as it soothes the throat. Yet dilute it with water. Water is life remember.

If you are already suffering from GASTRIC REFLUX follow these tips and see your doctor for more:

*Avoid late eating

*Water at least 2 litres of water a day

*Avoid drinking coffee and the eating or drinking of cholate

*Sleep with your head raised on pillows (as if you are sitting)

*Don’t eat too much especially when you having a concert in a few days times.

*See your doctor.

My name is Gina Doe.

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