Have you ever wondered why your Music Director is always on you? Could it be that he/she doesn’t like you? Are you really singing right yet everyone says you’re wrong and you don’t seem to get it? What is really the problem? If these are your questions, then you need to pay attention to these theory or book an appointment for lessons. My name is Gina Doe and welcome to my website +32483407371.

There’s something I always say to my students and that’s “IF YOU CAN’T HEAR, YOU CAN’T SING; IF YOU COULD HEAR, YOU WOULD SING”. Any singer who isn’t able to hear that he/she is off the note or the key, finds it difficult to accept that they’re off. It’s not their fault. They just don’t know because they can’t hear for themselves.

singing good involves a lot of things people basically neglect and one of those things is hearing technique. A lot of people take that for granted and concentrate only on their vocal technique and leave the other technigue behind. But when you do that it’s like running with your whole body and forgetting to go with your head. You’ll come back for it. I call it the fundational technique. That’s where it all starts from. Before you start even singing you must have what I call “MUSIC EARS”. Without that your singing carrier will suffer.

Some singers start a song in F# and end in D. Sometimes it could happen that there’s no monitor for you to hear yourself. When you sing off in this situation, then it’s not your fault. But I’m talking about those who won’t be able to sing the notes even when all things are been equal and they ain’t aware or know that they’re off.

Some people know  very well that they’re off but they don’t know how to correct themselves. Those in this category are better than those who don’t even know that they’re off. Why? Because those who are able to hear that they’re wrong but don’t know how to go about it, easily accept corrections. But it’s the other way round for those who don’t hear and for that matter don’t know they’re off.


  • Accept that you need help.
  • Ask the people who are saying that you’re off why they think that.
  • Take up singing lessons and point it out to the teacher what your problem is.
  • Practise and exercise what you’ve been taught.
  • Contact us for your lessons.


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