So as I said the last time preparation before a singing performance entails a lot. I would want to continue. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Google, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram (GINA DOE). On SnapChat is VOICEANATOMY.

We gonna discuss the next two point which are very crucial. These are:

*PREPARING ARTISTICALLY: Becuase some singers would want to please the organiser or the crowd, they are pressurised to choose songs above their range. They are forced by themselves to choose difficult songs. Some even choose a new song that they don’t even know the lyrics or aren’t familiar with it. For it is better to choose a very simply but nice songs which you are familair with the lyrics and would be able to deliver even more than your best than to choose complicated songs and embarrass yourself. Never think that there’s an easy song. Learn it when it’s new. If it’s an old song, listen over and over again as if it’s a new song. Rehearse with your band to be sure you have it in your head.

*TECHNICAL PREPARATION: This is the stage most singers take lightly and end them up in a big mess. Since you are not singing acappella, you must make sure the instruments are good. In the part one, I recommended having a manager. Because he would do this part for you. Good intruments including the microphones are very much important as they can spoil your well-planned concert. The stage must be of a good quality because accident is bound to happen when an anyhow stage is been used. Good lighting really lightings the performance. So it should be considered.

Don’t forget to wake your voice an hour before singing with voice warm-ups and to drink something warm (caffeine-free) right before climbing the stage.

My name is GINA DOE!


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