What the BIG STARS do that we don’t is what we call preparation. Whether it’s a big or small concert, time has to be putted into it. The professionals know that it’s their job to deliver since that is what gives them money. Most singer do singing as a part-job. This makes them not putting in much effort which is more than wrong. Never take any singing performance for granted. Because you don’t know what would come out of it.

Here are a few tips to help you through your preparation.:


Be concious of all the activities you do at least a week before the concert. Anything that drains you of energy shouldn’t be encouraged. Make sure you eat enough to give you energy. DON’T OVER EAT TOO as it will cause your vocal folds to be lazy. Drink more water and soup. Sleep enough at least 8 hours a day especially in the night. Alloow your body to be massaged by professionals. Being in warm bath can also help.


Here is where a good manager comes in. When there’s a poor organisation from your rehearsals to your trip to the location to your accomodation, you’ll be stressed out which will affect your performance seriously. When you don’t have a manager, delicate some of your duties to a friend or family. My brother Prince Robert Doe has being doing a lot of things for me and it’s for free. Never try to do everything alone. You will get crushed.

My name is GINA DOE.

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