So this is a continuation of the last section about EFFECTS OF GASTRIC REFLUX ON THE VOICE. I made I decision to study vocal and do much more research into it even though it’s very expensive.

The consequences of GASTRIC REFLUX on my voice was terrible. I even lost strength to stand on my feet to even sing. I could hardly open my mouth to talk not to talk of singing. I suffered worse even in the night. The heart burns was more than worse in the night. The pain and the tears was increasing.

After been able to enrol in a vocal school and started the study of the PHYSIOLOGY OF THE VOICE, I realised that health plays a major role in our voices. The state of your health determines the state of your voice. Believe or not but that’s the truth.

Take in Citrus juice such as orange juice are very good for Vitamin C. But I always ask my students to dilute with water. Everything is good. But the abuse of it is harmful. Even honey is very good as it soothes the throat. Yet dilute it with water. Water is life remember.

If you are already suffering from GASTRIC REFLUX follow these tips and see your doctor for more:

*Avoid late eating

*Water at least 2 litres of water a day

*Avoid drinking coffee and the eating or drinking of cholate

*Sleep with your head raised on pillows (as if you are sitting)

*Don’t eat too much especially when you having a concert in a few days times.

*See your doctor.

My name is Gina Doe.

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