Cold or flu is one of the respiratory ailment. It causes the consistency and amount of sinus drainage/post nasal drip to change. Thus your vocal fords are in a different liquid environment from the normal.
So your vocal fords wouldn’t function as normal. If a virus or bacteria blocks your sinus drainage, it will coat the vocal fords and may be infect them.
You must avoid singing when you are sick. But when you must, then make use of these four points:
*Transform the sickness in your voice like the way actors do change their voices depending on the role they are playing.
*Sing softly as much as possible. Prevent unneccessary shouting and movements.
*Let water be your friend in such a situation. Drink water after each break. Be careful not to get choked by drinking it too fast.
*IF POSSIBLE change all singing keys. It’s not a crime to change the keys of the songs you’re going to sing when you know that you won’t be able to sing gperfect in the original key. Don’t be under pressure to impress anybody not even your host. Sometimes it isn’t easy but be firm to change the key. For it is better to sing in a comfortable key and sound sweet than to be pressured and sound wired.
*Reduce the time of singing. Speak with your host and make your performance as short as possible even if and if you will loose money. Think about your HEALTH and CREDIBILITY.
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