Interestingly, I went to this conference for vocal coaches. I met this Lady from Ghent a city here in Belgium. Because I always try to connect with people I meet, I spoke to this Lady. But she tried to intimidate me with all the certificates she has. All the Masters Degree she has attained in vocal studies has the only thing she would talk about. I just kept my silent and enjoyed her talk.

After the first section, a question was thrown to us the audience who could do a particular breathing exercise. I mentioned this lady’s name since she is having all the certificates in the world. Guess what. She screamed and said “GINA DOE, how could you do this to me? I can teach people to do it. But doing it myself has always been a challenge. Theory and Practical are never the same. Even some of my lecturers couldn’t sing at all yet they give vocal lessons. Please let someone else do.”

I wonder whom she was trying to impress with all the big talks. 100% of what i teach as a Voice Anatomist are things I have learned through experience. Anything I learned at school has to be tested on myself. If it doesn’t work as I was taught, I’d never teach it. People with credibility like myself alone should be trusted.

Contact me for the best lessons you can ever get.


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